Social Tools I Love: buffer

stacey miller loves bufferHave you heard of buffer?

If you haven’t, take some time this weekend to set up a free account to try it. I’ve been a fan of this tool for years, and they continue to make improvements that impress me and make my life easier.

Basically, Buffer helps you manage your social media accounts. You can manage Twitter, Facebook, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, LinkedIn company pages, Google + and G+ company pages. SO USEFUL.

I’m also a tracking and analytics freak, so the fact that they offer auto link shortening and multiple ways of connecting with other services was huge for me. I use and Google Analytics campaign tracking to track link clicks + traffic and buffer seamlessly integrates with it.

They also offer collaboration so multiple team members can manage the same accounts, and awesome analytics so you know exactly how each post performs all in one dashboard. Scheduling is available too, and they just introduced two new features: Feeds, where you can plug in the RSS of your favorite blogs so they pop up in your buffer to share, and Suggestions, which provides top industry content to share based on content you already share.

Buffer has really great customer service and whenever I shoot them a tweet, they’re there to help. Really impressive.

Install the Chrome add on to do one-click social scheduling and sharing, and the buffer app for mobile makes sure that I can edit scheduled posts on the go and pause campaigns if I need.

Check out the Buffer blog for some of the best social media advice (at least that I’ve ever received) on topics like what the best times of day to post to social media are (based on their research) and the psychology of Twitter.

Accounts are free, and getting the buffer awesome plan ends up being less than $10 a month and 100% worth it.

Enough gushing. Go try buffer if you haven’t already.

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